Dive Into Summer Fun with Our Pool Float Buying Guide

Welcome to Big Joe's Pool Float Buying Guide! Whether you're gearing up for a pool party or a lazy day lounging in the sun, finding the perfect pool float can make all the difference. From pool noodles to luxurious loungers, we have a range of floats designed for ultimate fun and relaxation. Let’s explore the best options to enhance your summer experience.

Pool Float Buying Guide

Pool Float Features to Consider

Before diving into which category best fits your needs, here are some key features to consider when selecting a pool float:

  • Durability: Look for high-quality materials that resist punctures and tears.• Comfort: Ensure the float provides adequate support and comfort for extended use.
  • Portability: Choose floats that are lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Design: Consider both functionality and aesthetics to match your style and needs.

Pool Chairs

Sit back and relax! Made with vibrant quick-drying fabric, our no-air-required floating pool chairs offer exceptional comfort and back support. Lightweight designs that are easy to carry, these pool float options are outfitted with details like on-the-go handles, cup holders, and more!

Pool Chair Float - Captain

Our Pool Chair Favorites

Pool Loungers

Drift off into ultimate comfort with our selection of bean-filled pool loungers. Unlike traditional inflatable floats, these loungers require no air and are ready to go when you are! Gone are the days when an uncomfortable vinyl pool float sticks to your skin– Our loungers are made of the softest UV-treated fabrics in trendy designs and patterns.

Pool Lounger Floats - Lux Lagoon Lounger

Fan Fave Pool Loungers

Pool Noodles

Whether you’re floating leisurely or playing some pool games, our noodles are designed to add excitement to your pool time. We offer a variety of buoyant and colorful pool noodles to fit your pool party needs. Our jumbo bean-filled noodles are covered in fade-resistant fabric and require no air, providing a unique floating experience. For those who prefer a classic touch, our traditional foam noodles are perfect for swimming, crafting, and endless water fun.

Pool Lounger Floats - Lux Lagoon Lounger

Oodles of Noodles

Pool Inflatables

Brand new to the Big Joe pool selection, our inflatables feature a robust, puncture-resistant PVC core that ensures durability and longevity. Unlike traditional vinyl inflatables, ours include a washable, removable cover that’s made of smooth UV-treated fabric that won't stick to your skin, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Plus, every inflatable comes with a plug-in air pump, making inflation quick and hassle-free.

Pool Lounger Floats - Lux Lagoon Lounger

Check Out Our Brand New Inflatables

Choosing the right pool float can turn your summer from good to amazing! With our awesome selection—supportive floating chairs, playful noodles, and luxurious loungers—you’re bound to find the perfect float for your fun in the sun. Dive into our collection today and gear up for a summer filled with comfort, style, and endless enjoyment.