We're Big Joe

We make the world's most comfortable seating.
Why Big Joe?

We don’t make boring furniture, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Above all, we just want you to have an awesome place to sit. From our patented filling technologies and no air required pool floats, to our incredible rewards program, you can bring a little happiness and a lot of fun to your space with a Big Joe.

We've got you.

At Big Joe, we know one size definitely does not fit everyone, so we design chairs in all shapes and sizes. Our chairs are Instagram favorites for a good reason - they look and feel absurdly awesome. No matter what your age or style, Big Joe has a chair for you. Check out our wide range of unique designs and on-trend fabrics!

Our Technologies

What we're made of

Ever wonder what makes Big Joe chairs so absurdly comfy? It's our high-tech filling! With three unique technologies, we give you the comfort you crave.
Big Joe Beans

These fluffy little beauties are our patented, insanely comfortable beans that fill our favorite bean bag chairs. We use a scientifically determined amount for a comfy seat, every time. We use the same great technology in our pool floats, too! And, because all well-loved bean bags eventually go flat with use, we have bean refills so you can bring new life to your chair whenever it needs a pick-me-up.

Shredded Foam

Our shredded foam is the filling that started it all! Foam-filled Fufs and chairs are impossibly soft and super-durable, making them a great choice for play rooms, dorm rooms and living rooms alike. We think it's the closest you'll come to sitting on a cloud.

Molded Core

Our patented carbon-molecular molded core technology brings you built-to-last, modular furniture that looks as good as it sits. First, we designed our beautiful Patio Collection to give you the versatile, cozy outdoor space you've always dreamed of. Then we brought the same lightweight sophistication to the playroom with our Mid Mod, designed just for kids.