Big Joe Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary Since Launching a Bean Bag Chair into Space

6 years ago, a whimsical idea crossed our minds here at Big Joe - sending one of our bean bag chairs into space. It was 2016, and the notion seemed like a far-off fantasy. However, that summer, we decided to turn this daring dream into a reality, and with the help of our five brilliant summer interns at that time, we set out on an extraordinary mission.

Our Cosmic Traveler

Our bean bag chair, the beloved 'Kid's Lumin,' was chosen to become our cosmic traveler. It weighed a mere 2.27 pounds, making it the ideal candidate for this audacious expedition. Our interns worked tirelessly, gathering every Friday over two months, alongside their regular duties, to unravel the puzzle of how to send our bean bag chair into space.

A Full Company Collaboration Effort

The preparation for launch was no easy feat. Collaborating with the Comfort Research Sew Team, the interns fitted the bean bag chair with custom GoPro pockets to capture its journey. We mounted the cameras at the front of the craft, cleverly using custom coolers designed by our talented engineer to keep them warm amidst the frigid conditions of space. Additionally, we equipped the chair with a radar dome, parachute, 1500g Weather Balloon, and two GPS tracking devices to ensure a safe return.

Bean bag chair loading in space

Big Joe Takes Flight!

On a crisp August morning at 10 a.m., our vision took flight. Broadcasting the send-off on Facebook Live, we were humbled to see 8,975 viewers join us in witnessing this awe-inspiring launch. With the aid of weather balloons coordinated with satellites, our bean bag chair gracefully ascended beyond our expectations, reaching a height of over 105,000 feet, nearly 20 miles above the Earth.


As the chair floated through the vastness of space, its onboard GoPro camera captured breathtaking footage of the rapid descent back to Earth. Watching the video, it felt surreal to witness our humble bean bag chair traversing the edge of space through the clouds.


The entire mission was an unexpected success, taking our bean bag chair higher than ever anticipated. It eventually landed in a cornfield in Ionia County, Michigan. Thanks to the expertise of one of our interns and their skilled drone piloting, we located the chair with pinpoint accuracy.


Beyond the excitement and novelty of the project, we had a deeper mission in mind. We wanted to inspire young minds and showcase the boundless possibilities of exploration. By entrusting this grand endeavor to our summer interns, we aimed to empower them as leaders for outer space and innovative activities. Their dedication and passion proved that with determination and imagination, one can transcend conventional boundaries.

a group of people with a bean bag chair

As the bean bag chair's cosmic journey came to a close, we were left in awe of the impact it had on so many. Comfort Research's vision, brought to life by our interns' commitment, revealed that there are no limits to what we can achieve when we dream big and work together.


Sending our beloved bean bag chair into space might have been a daring venture, but it was undoubtedly an experience that we will cherish for a lifetime. The sky is not the limit; it's just the beginning of a boundless universe of possibilities waiting to be explored. This endeavor was not just resources well spent, but an investment in inspiring the next generation of visionaries and dreamers.

Watch the full story here!