ArtPrize 2023: A Celebration of Creativity, Diversity, and Inspiration

The vibrant city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, (and the hometown of Big Joe!) recently played host to the spectacular ArtPrize 2023—an 18-day extravaganza that brought together artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. This annual international contemporary art competition and immersive festival, which concluded with a mesmerizing closing ceremony at Rosa Parks Circle in Downtown Grand Rapids, was a testament to the power of creativity, diversity, and community engagement.

A Global Showcase of Creativity

Founded in 2009, ArtPrize 2023 was a result of a fresh collaboration between the City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc., and Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. This year, the event saw the participation of 950 artists representing 12 countries and 30 states. These talented individuals transformed the city into a living canvas, showcasing their captivating artwork in various mediums, including photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and beaded embroidery. With over 150 local venues, including public parks, bars, restaurants, and museums, becoming art galleries, Grand Rapids became a playground for artistic expression.

Honoring Excellence: The Prize Winners

One of the highlights of ArtPrize 2023 was the distribution of a staggering $400,000 in prize money across the Juried Awards, Visibility Awards, and Public Vote. The Public Vote, open to attendees aged 13 and up, awarded the top three artists, with Abdoulaye Conde's "Raining Wisdom" taking the coveted first place and a prize of $125,000. The Juried Competition, evaluated by a distinguished committee, recognized artists who exemplified excellence in their respective mediums. Additionally, the newly introduced Visibility Awards aimed to support contemporary artists from underrepresented communities, with honorees receiving well-deserved prizes of $15,000 each.

A group of people standing in a large art space
ArtPrize Opening with Big Joe Bean Bag Chairs. Source: ashleyavilaphoto

Beyond the Art: Engaging the Community

ArtPrize 2023 was not just about admiring artwork; it was a celebration of creativity that engaged the community on multiple levels. Attendees were treated to a dynamic roster of events, including block parties, immersive artist workshops, live music performances, and thought-provoking panel discussions. The ArtPrize ClubHouse and ArtPrize Oasis served as central hubs for curated art exhibitions, daily programming, educational activities, and interactive experiences, creating spaces where art came to life, and creativity knew no bounds. Big Joe was honored to be a sponsor of this engaging event and support our local community!

Looking Ahead: ArtPrize 2024


With over a million people visiting Downtown Grand Rapids and experiencing the magic of ArtPrize 2023, the anticipation for next year's event is already building. During the closing ceremony, the dates for ArtPrize 2024 were announced: mark your calendars for September 13-28, 2024. The event promises to continue its mission of showcasing world-class talent, fostering inspiration, and building connections within the heart of the city.


ArtPrize 2023 was not just an art competition; it was a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of human expression. As the curtains closed on this year's event, the echoes of artistic brilliance and the spirit of community engagement lingered, reminding us all of the transformative power of art. For more information on this year's winners and to stay updated on ArtPrize 2024, visit Let the countdown to another unforgettable celebration of art and creativity begin!