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Quality guarantee

What warranty comes with my Big Joe product?

Megahh Bean Products

When it comes to our bean filled products, you can be rest assured that the cover will stand up to unlimited** lounging for up to one year. Megahh beans will go flat and are not covered under the unlimited use policy. It's simple physics so based on how much fun you have on it, eventually you will have to buy a bag of Big Joe bean refill and bring your chair back to its glory days. If your product deflates within 30 days please contact us.

Ahhsome Foam Products

Big Joe stands and sits behind all of our products. As long as you have registered the product and are the original owner, you can lounge around assured that when it comes to factory defects** we will replace your FUF for up to one year from the date of sale.

Orahh Molded-Core & Mobilitë Modular Products

Our Mobilitë Modular collection is as close to unobtanium as you can get, and still get a receipt. If its broken before you even use it or breaks** within the first year of ownership, take a picture, because like unicorns you’ve just witnessed a real rarity and we’d love to have proof and reward you for a good hunt with a money-back guarantee.

** Our lawyers made us say this stuff: This limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for items purchased on BuyBigJoe.com. Problems that result from: External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse are not covered. If you have too much fun on it and spill, tear, puncture or drag it behind your pick up truck, all bets are off, but we'll give you a high five for living life to the fullest!

What if my order arrives damaged or defective?

While cases are extremely rare, damages and defects do happen once in a while during transit to your shipping location. We request that you inspect your item(s) upon delivery. Simply refuse delivery and contact us immediately for a replacement. After delivery is refused, we will file a claim and send you a replacement product. For damages unnoticed at the time of delivery, we require that you contact and send us photographs via email within 48 hours, so that we can address and correct the situation and send out a new product. If your item arrives damaged / defective and you do not wish to receive a replacement part or new item you will be responsible for returning the item and a 15% restocking fee.