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Did you steal my zipper pull?

While we really love good-quality zipper pulls in our office, we, in fact, did not steal yours. For child safety and durability reasons, we intentionally break off the outside pull before shipment. If you need to open your bag, simply use a paperclip to pull it open. Detailed instructions can be found on the warning label attached to your Big Joe.

Imperial Fufton Instructional Sheet

How to clean your Big Joe

How To Clean

We get it, accidents happen. Big Joe products are spot cleanable using the steps below.

  1. Brush off loose dirt.
  2. Spot spray a cleaning solution of water and mild soap.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
  4. Allow to air dry.

Products with removable covers.

  1. Brush off loose dirt.
  2. Remove cover
  3. Launder with mild detergent on gentle cycle
  4. Allow to air dry.

Sunbrella Fabrics

If your Big Joe product featured Sunbrella fabrics, detailed cleaning instructions can be found on

Bean bags vs Fuf chairs

At first glance, most of our Big Joe bean bags are filled with comfort forming Megahh beans typically suited to a single individual and come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. Fuf bean bag chairs on the other hand are oblong and come in a variety of sizes perfectly suited for lounging solo or with a best friend. But the biggest difference between bean bag chairs and Fuf chairs is what they're filled with. Megahh filled bean bags are filled with polystyrene beads which are fairly stiff, yet crushable over time. While our Megahh beans have been lab tested to retain their shape up to 50% longer than some of our competitors, they still have to be refilled from time to time maintain their fullness. Fuf bean bag chairs are filled with a patented shredded foam called Ahhsome. While a bit more expensive, they never lose their shape or have to be refilled. Simply pick it up, toss it around and keep enjoying it. 

No matter which Big Joe product you choose, rest assured its sole purpose in life is to provide you with maximum comfort and plenty of enjoyment!

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