XXL FUF-Big Joe - Lenox-Black Lenox

XXL FUF-Big Joe - Lenox-Black Lenox
XXL FUF-Big Joe - Lenox-Black Lenox
We’re listening to you. Not in a secret spy sort of way (that would be weird), but in the feedback you’re giving us about our Fufs. What we’ve heard, for one, is that you want a better fabric: one that’s soft and plush that looks nicer and lasts longer. Well, ta-da! Our new Lenox fabric is all that—and is now on all of our Fufs. We also heard you want a better sitting experience. Did you know that the lines on our Fufs are meant to guide where you put your behind? Yep. If you sit in between them, you’ll stay cozier longer. You also know you need to fluff your Fuf regularly to make sure the foam inside regains its shape. We added handles to make fluffing—and also carrying—easier. When you order one of these babies, you’ll probably want to start chilling right away. Just remember, it can take as many as seven days for your Fuf to get to full size. So, be patient. And, get ready for the lounge of your life!

Additional Information

Width 60
Height 40
Depth 84
Weight 74.0000

Availability: In stock ships FREE from us in 2-3 business days

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