Sarah the Stegosaurus Bagosaur

Sarah the Stegosaurus Bagosaur
Sarah the Stegosaurus Bagosaur
When you learn Triceratops translates to “three-horned face,” it gives you kind of a soft spot for the cuddlier version of this creature, doesn’t it? The actual dinosaur’s herbivore habits are also oddly reassuring as well. That said, you won’t have to feed Sarah the Triceratops a thing. – she’s stuffed with Ultimax beans and won’t be constantly asking for snacks (like some *other* people you know). And she comes with a Lil Buddy plush, making for an inseparable trio when you include the proud new owner. With 65 million years of history to catch up on, they’ll have a lot to talk about

• Filled with comfy Ultimax Beans
• Use it as a chair or just a fun friend to hang out with
• Double stitch seams for durability
• Double locking zipper w/ head removed for safety

Additional Information

Width 22
Height 18
Depth 24
Weight 4.0000

Availability: In stock

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