Sam the Stegosaurus Bagosaur

Sam the Stegosaurus Bagosaur
Sam the Stegosaurus Bagosaur
Muuuuch lighter (thankfully) than the actual prehistoric version, which weighed in at a cool five tons, Sam the Stegosaurus does in fact rock several original features. His spiked tail and distinctive back plates will easily pass muster with your mini dino expert’s standards for authenticity (Lil Buddy Sam gets the nod as well). Don’t worry about stocking up on ferns and moss for this fella – he’s stuffed to the gills with lightweight Ultimax beans, making him easily draggable to the family room and comfortably sittable/floppable for the entire length of any and all dino-movies.

• Filled with comfy Ultimax Beans
• Use it as a chair or just a fun friend to hang out with
• Double stitch seams for durability
• Double locking zipper w/ head removed for safety

Additional Information

Width 22
Height 18
Depth 24
Weight 4.0000

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