Tommy the Pterodactyl Bagosaur

Tommy the Pterodactyl Bagosaur
Tommy the Pterodactyl Bagosaur
A large, flying reptile may not sound all that cuddly to you, but it’s a whole different story for your aspiring paleontologist who never met an extinct creature he/she didn’t love. A hit among the fossil-obsessed and lovers of silent Ps, Ultimax-filled Tommy the Pterodactyl is up for whatever, perfectly content to be rolled, dive-tackled, bounced on, dropped off the top bunk, or even hugged—an unusually rare quality in a prehistoric creature. Lil Buddy plush included, since the bigger Bagosaur is a little on the big side to be easily tucked into a twin-size bed.

• Filled with comfy Ultimax Beans
• Use it as a chair or just a fun friend to hang out with
• Double stitch seams for durability
• Double locking zipper w/ head removed for safety

Additional Information

Width 22
Height 18
Depth 24
Weight 4.0000

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