Size Chart

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Picking the Best Fuf for You!


Step 1: Measure the space where your Fuf will live.

Step 2: Use our size chart to select the best size and shape for your space.

Step 3: Place your order and get ready for your life to get more awesome! When your Fuf arrives, unbox it carefully in the space you'll use it.


Note: These chairs are BIG and HEAVY: they are filled with incredibly comfy shredded foam that weighs significantly more than our light weight bean fill. Your Fuf will arrive in a box a fraction of its size and expand to its full glory in about 48 hours.

Average Size House Cat

18" L 6" W 9.5" H

Use for Size Reference


32" L 36" W 36" H

Best for: One Child


48" L 48" W 34" H

Best for: One Adult


72" L 48" W 36" H

Best for: Up to Two Adults


72" L 42" W 42" H

Best for: Up to Two Adults


84" L 60" W 36" H

Best for: Up to Three Adults