People always ask, "Who is Joe?" Yes, he was a real dude. And yes, he was awesome. Today, Big Joe is a symbol of the awesome intersection where fun meets comfort.

BIG Joe. SMALL Start.

From a humble dorm room in West Michigan, Big Joe started with the idea that your average bean bag could be so awesome it's absurd. Today, we offer everything from classic shapes filled with beans to sophisticated silhouettes filled with foam that never goes flat, plus pool floats and fun kid-sized products.

But, at the end of the day, we're still just looking for an awesome place to sit.   

Two Guys, a Bean Bag, and Some Shredded Foam 

Have you ever had one of those stroke-of-genius ideas while sitting around your dorm room? Plopped on an uncomfortable bean bag, Big Joe co-founders, Matt Jung and Chip George became inventors and business owners in that instant. While staring at a pile of abandoned foam mattresses and cushions nearby, the two began shredding them like a term paper they never wanted found. Then they stuffed the pieces into their bean bag. (Note to our old R.A.: sorry.)


Matt and Chip's floor mates couldn't get enough of their upgraded bean bag. They quickly recognized a market for these bags they had created on a whim. They soon convinced the GM at a local Meijer to purchase 50. The first batch sold out in eight days, and the second in 12. Meijer ordered 1,200 more Fufs, spreading them across the state.

We Grew Up (Quickly)

Chip and Matt's moms sewed the first fabric covers for their only product. They worked out of an unheated barn using a wood chipper to shred foam before we opened our first plant.

Now we have four plants, and more than 300 employees across the nation. We've developed three technologies: fluffy long-lasting beans, never-goes-flat-foam, and light weight yet durable molded core.

Today, Something for Everyone

We've had a ton of fun through the years as we've grown from a dorm room idea to an international brand. And, we think the best part of our story is ahead of us. So, get comfortable. We're gonna be here for awhile.

Comfort for All