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Love loungin’? Then you’ll adore our Lumin. Imagine a chair that gives you a snug hug every time you sit down—with fluffy Megahh Beans surrounding you in comfort. It’s lightweight enough to move around with you, yet durable enough to withstand the occasional bout of roughhousing. It’s covered in tough SmartMax fabric that’s super-easy to clean—and it comes in vivid colors and prints to liven up your room. Eventually, your Lumin will need a boost; simply order a bag of our refill beans and you’ll be sitting happy again.

  • Great for gaming, reading or simply lounging around with your friends
  • Filled with lightweight, body-hugging Megahh beans
  • Structured stitching provides extra back support
  • Double stitched with dual zippers for extra safety and durability

What's it made of?

Megahh bean technology

Filled with 100% virgin Megahh bean.

Learn more about what we're made of

Product Size 31" L 30.5" W 25" H
Product Weight 5.1 lbs
Package Size 24" L 24" W 30" H

The cover of this chair is designed to last for many years, but sometimes accidents happen. Visit our support page for details on the proper care and maintenance of your Big Joe including how to re-fill with additional MIGHTY beans.

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Comfort in real time #absurdlyawesome