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  • Versatile - Use as a seat, a footstool, or a flat surface for your favorite game or beverage tray
  • On-trend accessory for home and office
  • Available in four sophisticated fabrics and colors
  • Solid Orahh core makes it sturdy, yet lightweight
  • Complement other pieces in the Mobilitë line

Some say it's hip to be round. Wait, is that what they say? Well, no matter. We know these Cylinders are as cool as they come. Use as a seat, a footstool, or a flat surface for a game of chess or a beverage tray. They're that versatile—and with Orahh technology inside, they're that solid. Each of the four styles is covered in a different material: cork, felt, Montana leatherette, or Sunbrella. Put one in every room. We know you want to.

Dimensions & Weight:

Product Size 19" L 19" W 19" H
Product Weight 5.95 lbs
Package Size 18.5" L 18.5" W 17.5" H

This Big Joe with Orahh technology is designed to last for many years, but sometimes spills or accidents happen. Visit our support page for details on the proper care and maintenance of your Big Joe.

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Comfort in real time #absurdlyawesome